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The Choak’s Pasty

We’ll tell you something for free, a Choak’s pasty ain’t like no other.

JH & M Choak have forged a reputation for making mouthwateringly tasty Cornish pasties. Handmade to a traditional recipe by a proper Cornishman, a Choak’s pasty is quite possibly the tastiest pasty you’ll ever munch — just ask the locals. Is there a better pasty in Cornwall?

Made to the same Cornish recipe for nearly 65 years, a Choak’s pasty is about as traditionally Cornish as a traditional Cornish pasty gets. And if you don’t believe us, come and taste the traditions with your own eyes. You see, we make our pasties in full view of everybody, so you can watch us fill ’em with locally sourced meat and vegetables.

Or go one step further and learn to make your own pasty at our special Pasty School.

A Brief History

It all started in 1948 when Joseph Henry and Magdalene Choak founded JH & M Choak’s bakery in the Wodehouse Bakery found in Mini Place, Falmouth. Their fabulous pasties soon gained a reputation and they supplied the Woolworth’s snack bar throughout the 1950s. Their son, Charlie would always be around the shop and he made his first pasty when he was just 6 years old.

In 1960 they moved to the current premises on Killigrew Street and became the first bakery in Falmouth to have an open window to the passing public. Charlie also started working in the shop aged just 14 (it was normal in those days).

Fast forward to the present day and Charlie Choak (the pasty bloke) is as passionate and enthusiastic about making pasties as he was when he was a nipper. He’ll make you any pasty you want right in front of your eyes and he’s as happy as Larry teaching you to make your own too.

The traditions and techniques used by the Choak family have stood firm for three generations and that shows when you taste their pasties. Tasting a Choak’s pasty for the first time is a highlight for many who visit Cornwall.